Happy Christmas

May I wish all readers of Medieval Ecclesiastical Arta very blessed Christmass.Allan BartonNoster cetus psallat letusVoce simul consona,Jesu Christi gloriosaRecolens natalicia.Qui de celis condescendensIn virginis uterumIn eadem carna sumptaVisitavit seculum.Felix puer, cuius materIncorrupta parereEt post partum virgo manensMeruit existere.Hic est enim, germen adeQui venit redimere.Et ac celi sede mundoCorruit reducere.Ad ipsius ergo laudeOmnis nostra concioExultanto... Continue Reading →

Sick bed

Doddiscombsleigh, Devon, nII, 1c, Unction, originally uploaded by gordonplumb.My apologies for the lack of activity this week. I've been hit with the flu. Not a good thing for the clergyman to go down with a week before Christmas. Never mind. Rest assured normal service will resume after Christmas.In the meantime I draw your attention to... Continue Reading →

John the Baptist’s camel skin

How was St John the Baptist dressed? This is how Mark's Gospel has it: 'Now John wore clothing of camel’s hair with a leather belt around his waist' (Matthew Mark 1.6) This fifteenth century panel from Yarnton in Oxfordshire is pretty representative of the standard medieval way of interpreting the text, by dressing him in... Continue Reading →

Wodshawe and Twygge

As well as the glorious vestment fragments posted previously, Buckland in Gloucestershire has a number of panels of medieval stained glass. The east window has three panels from a Seven Sacrament window of the late fifteenth century, including this panel of Ordination and one of Confirmation (see below)On stylistic grounds, Professor Richard Marks has concluded... Continue Reading →

More medieval vestment recycling!

I hope you aren't getting too tired of my minor obsession with late medieval English textiles. Here is another example of the post-medieval recycling of medieval vestments. Buckland in Gloucestershire has a lovely frontal made from various pieces of embroidered silk velvet. Information in the church refers to the fragments as forming part of a... Continue Reading →

Advent Blue II

AdventBlue 012, originally uploaded by sarumsleuth.I couldn't resist posting some of SarumSleuth's photos of the glorious Advent blue high mass set at Primrose Hill in London. St Mary's, Primrose Hill is Percy Dearmer's church and the flagship of the 'English Use'. The vestments were probably made in the first years of the twentieth century during... Continue Reading →

‘In God is al godnes’ – an inscribed font.

South Ormsby in the Lincolnshire Wolds has a fascinating Perpendicular font. The base of the font is inscribed with a patronal inscription, recording that it was given to the church by Ralph Bolle and his wife. The inscription reads 'Orate pro animabus Radulphi Bolle ... uxoris eius qui fieri fecerunt hoc baptisterium' . 'Pray for... Continue Reading →

Virgin Mother & Child Jesus

Virgin Mother & Child Jesus, originally uploaded by Lawrence OP.This is such a lovely image of Our Lady and the Child Jesus, that I couldn't resist posting it here. Lawrence OP has captured superbly the central image of the lady chapel reredos in All Saints, Margaret Street. No prizes for guessing that the work is... Continue Reading →

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