I saw something today that really annoyed me.

I went up the road ten miles to East Markham in Nottinghamshire, to record some rather lovely medieval glass. I'd last visited the church in the winter of 1999 and I knew the church also had a Comper window and a Comper English altar, which would be a welcome bonus on a cold day!The Comper... Continue Reading →

An unusual kneeling donor

Cumnor, Berkshire, originally uploaded by Vitrearum.This early sixteenth century roundel at Cumnor in Berkshire, isn't a particularly distinguised piece of glass painting. It is however rather interesting. It appears to show a female kneeling donor of the type that was very common in the period. However it is a rather unusual treatment of such a... Continue Reading →

Coates – Easter Sepulchre

Coates, Lincolnshire, originally uploaded by Vitrearum.I have already posted twice on St Edith's Coates-by-Stow in Lincolnshire, with its lovely screen and loft. Among the fittings in the chancel are the substantial remains of the Easter Sepulchre. After it ceased to be used at the Reformation the sepulchre was covered over and monumental brasses were inserted... Continue Reading →

Layer upon layer of …

East Shefford, Berkshire, originally uploaded by Vitrearum.medieval wallpaintings. The tiny church of East Shefford in Berkshire, now in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust has some fascinating wallpaintings in the nave. The east wall of the nave around the thirteenth century chancel arch, has two distinct phases of wallpaintings. The chancel arch cuts through... Continue Reading →

St Michael panel at South Cove

South Cove, Suffolk, St Lawrence, originally uploaded by Tudor Barlow.As I was surfing around on Flickr I came across Gil Barlow's lovely photo of the St Michael panel at South Cove in Suffolk. The painted panel dates from the last quarter of the fifteenth century and fills the former entrance to the rood loft. The... Continue Reading →

Chancel of Coates

Coates by Stow, Lincolnshire, originally uploaded by Vitrearum.A response to the enquiry by Canon Tallis about the seating of the chancel at Coates. As you can see there is nothing to suggest the medieval seating arrangements here. The back of the screen is traceried and there is no evidence of returned stalls facing east. Even... Continue Reading →

Comment moderation

St Michael, originally uploaded by Simon_K.I've decided to cease moderating comments on this blog. Mostly because I'm very slow at moderating them and I'm sure this must cause you all frustration. Also because I feel, given the gentility of the readership, it is highly unlikely that I will get a scurilous comment!The photograph is taken... Continue Reading →

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